Magazine article Insight on the News

Kissinger at 80; Post Carries on about Kerry; New Canon on Reagan

Magazine article Insight on the News

Kissinger at 80; Post Carries on about Kerry; New Canon on Reagan

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Henry Kissinger, who advised that the United States could not win the Cold War and should make the best deal with the Soviets it could, celebrated his 80th birthday at Le Cirque in New York City with Fed chairman and former Ayn Rand lecturer Alan Greenspan, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and megapublishers Conrad Black, Rupert Murdoch and Mort Zuckerman, among others.

* The congratulatory mooing over Henry the K. echoed from venue to venue and in Washington featured a daylong series of lectures at the Library of Congress that included one by Yale professor of classics Donald Kagan on "Thucydides and Henry Kissinger."

* House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Chris Cox (R-Calif.) is warning of a terrorist Pearl Harbor attack on the U.S. cyberspace network.

* The Hill newspaper has it all doped out that Ari Fleischer is leaving his job as White House press secretary and spokesman for the president of the United States because it only pays $145,000 a year and the average house in his hometown of Pound Ridge, N.Y., sells for $1,228,973. That's a far cry from the kind of dough those places brought when ink-stained wretches Westbrook Pegler and Heywood Broun lived there and used to call the cops to disrupt one another's parties.

* Maybe the leaders in Taiwan had heard about Lord Jeffrey Amherst giving smallpox-infected blankets to the Indians, but Taipei quickly turned down an offer from Beijing to send surgical masks to help fight the SARS epidemic with which the People's Republic of China has infected victims from Taiwan to Toronto.

* The Republican Unity Coalition is a GOP group that promotes gay-straight liaison. David Rockefeller, former chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank and the Council on Foreign Relations, just joined its board. Insiders think whether he is a liaisoner or a liaisonee is his own business.

* The current U.S. circulation of Playboy magazine is reported at 3.2 million copies a month - less than half what it sold 30 years ago - but the big money earned by this sexually exploitative enterprise comes from piping video porn into 38 million homes.

* Chief of White House personnel since January has been Dina Habib Powell, 29, a former Hill rat and lobbyist for the Republican National Committee. She scored big as member-relations coordinator for former House majority leader Dick Armey of Texas.

* Ad man for the John Kerry presidential campaign is Jim Margolis, who says of his candidate: "That's our slogan, 'He's no weenie.'" If Margolis is to be believed, what Kerry is, apparently, is a hot dog.

* Candidate Kerry's image fabricators managed to get the Washington Post to report in a single page-one

article that he is a manly hunter of "dove, quail, duck, deer"; is an "alpha male" who stands 6-feet-4 inches and "rides a Harley, plays ice hockey, snow boards, windsurfs, kitesurfs and has such thick, aggressive hair he uses a brush with metal teeth."

* The Post piece on Kerry had Washington insiders giggling as writer Laura Blumenfeld gushed breathlessly, "This was Primal John, the pilot who flies barrel rolls, who relaxes by windsurfing in a squall, who ran with the bulls in Pamplona and, when trampled, got up, chased the bull and grabbed for its horns."

* Sweaty-palmed readers of the Post learned of the candidate in this purple valentine that "he turned the plane to dodge a threatening cloud," and he regards his myriad adventures as mere "meditations. …

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