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Let Them Eat Entenmann's

Magazine article Nutrition Action Healthletter

Let Them Eat Entenmann's

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Let Them Eat Entenmann's

It used to be easy to remember what went into a pound cake: a pound of butter, a pound of sugar, a pound of eggs, and a pound of flour.

Now Entenmann's has come along and ruined the whole thing.

"We asked our master bakers to use the same ingredients they've always used...except the fat," explains Kevin Lang, a food technologist with General Foods, the Philip Morris subsidiary that owns Entenmann's.

It took three year, but the bakers finally came through--with flying crullers. Entenmann's new fat-and cholesterol-free cakes, cookies, and pastries are getting rave reviews.

(Don't confuse Entenmann's no-fatties with pretenders like Pepperidge Farm's Pound Cake. PF simply replaced the butter and eggs with oil and slapped the words "No Cholesterol" across the label. The cake may not have any cholesterol, but it's still loaded with fat.)

The new Entenmann's line isn't perfect. Like regular baked desserts, they're packed with sugar. So don't reach for a piece of Blueberry Crunch Cake instead of fruit salad for dessert.

But if you like a little something sweet every now and again (or if your Aunt Sophie just can't do without her "coffee and whatever" after dinner), check out Entenmann's new fat-free line. (Look for the boxes with the yellow band along the sides.)


To its credit, entenmann's didn't just replace its grease with some space-age fake fat. It could have waited for the FDA to approve the potentially cancer-causing fat subsitute olestra.

"We didn't take the chemical approach of adding artificial fat and sugar substitutes to our regular line," says General Foods' Lang. "Instead, we came up with an entirely new product."

So how did they do away with the fat and cholesterol? To begin with, they subsituted egg whites for whole eggs and non-fat milk for whole milk.

But what replaces the butter, shortening, and oils? Lang won't say, but we suspect it's egg whites and safe vegetable gums like guar, xanthan, and carobbean, which are often added to doughs to make them moist and give them body. Entenmann's fat-free cakes may have a little more than its regular line.


Don't get us wrong: the new desserts aren't health foods.

The first ingredient in most of the cakes is still sugar, and some (the Cherry Cheese Pastry comes to mind) taste like they should only be eaten in the presence of a toothbrush. …

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