It's All about the Kids; Transforming Challenges into Solutions. (the HP Education Enterprise: Special Advertising Section)

Article excerpt

It's about personalizing instruction so that all students succeed. It's about giving teachers, parents, and administrators the tools they need to be more productive and better connected with students and each other. It's about using data to make better decisions. Technology can help you get there, but you know it won't be easy.

How do you leverage your current technology investment to create the Education Enterprise of the future? How do you use the Internet to personalize instruction and connect students, teachers, and parents to their community? How do you meet new state and federal reporting requirements? And how do you do this within your budget and in time to make a difference?

The answer: building partnerships with people and companies who understand technology and who know that educating kids is your first priority.

Transforming Challenges into Solutions

CHALLENGE 1 Improved Teaching and Learning

Issue: How do you personalize education so students perform better?

Solution: HP's Education Enterprise, a role-based Learning Portal with anywhere, anytime access to content, communication, and collaboration tools plus personalized content and home-school connections.

Result: Increased productivity for students, teachers, parents and administrators.

The Challenge

To improve achievement for all students, the district has made a serious investment in technology. Classroom computers, wireless products, web sites and servers are all in place. And teachers are learning how to integrate technology into their curricula. Students are eager to learn online, and parents are happy that their children will be prepared for the future. You look forward to great increases in students' scores. So what could be wrong? One of the greatest challenges that schools and districts face is making technology easier for students, teachers, and parents to use and ensuring that all the pieces work together.

The Solution

The HP Education Enterprise provides all teachers, administrators, parents, and students with personalized access to communication and learning management tools as well as the other applications they need to do their job effectively. With one user sign-on and password, all portal visitors have immediate access to information and applications. An easy-to-use web interface provides parents with all-the-time access to the information they care most about--their child's grades, attendance, class schedule, conduct, and assignments. Powerful communication tools allow students to collaborate on assignments real-time with their teachers and each other. Teachers and administrators have instant access to content and individual student performance data. The open, .Net architecture of this Learning Portal allows for the integration of existing district applications and ensures that information can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, using any type of computing device.

CHALLENGE 2 Better Reporting and Accountability

Issue: How do you tie all of your systems together?

Solution: HP's Education Enterprise interoperability system to make all of your data compatible so you can review it effectively.

Result: Improved data-driven decision-making.

The Challenge

You need timely, accurate data for parents, teachers, the school district, the state and federal government. All systems are go. Teachers are teaching well and aligning standards. Students are learning what they need to ace the tests. Administrators are compiling information and sending it in. So what could be wrong? One of the greatest challenges that schools and districts face in reporting comes from the difficulty of collecting and managing specific data from multiple systems that do not normally "talk to" each other. Does it take an army of programmers for your ERP system (financial, transportation, human resources, and other data) to talk to your SIS (Student Information System)? …


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