Magazine article International Bulletin of Missionary Research

Dissertations Listed Alphabetically by Author. (M-Z)

Magazine article International Bulletin of Missionary Research

Dissertations Listed Alphabetically by Author. (M-Z)

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Ma, Julie Jungja


Ministry of the Assemblies of God Among the Kankana-ey Tribe in the Northern Philippines: A History of a Theological Encounter

Ph.D., 1996, Fuller Theological Seminary

Ma, Qiusha


The Rockefeller Foundation and Modern Medica Education in China, 1915-1951

Ph.D., 1995, Case Western Reserve University

Macharia, Njoroge James


The Catholic Methods of Evangelization in East Africa: Nineteenth to Twentieth Century

Dr.Th., 1995, University of Navarra

Mackay, Ross


Catholic and Methodist Missionaries in the Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea, 1930-80

Ph.D., 1999, Australian National University

Maeland, Bard


Self-Relating and Self-Change: A Study in the Comparative Theologies of Kenneth Cragg and Wilfred Cantwell Smith, with Special Regard to Their Theological Relations to Islam

Dr.Theol., 2001, Norwegian Lutheran School of Theology

Mahecha, Guidoberto


The Biblical Concept of Conversion and Its Social Implications from a Latin American Perspective

Ph.D., 1992, University of St. Andrews

Makela, Jaakko Juhani


Khrischak Issara: The independent Churches in Thailand, Their Historical Background, Contextual Setting, and Theological Thinking

Dr.Theol., 2000, Abo Akademi University

Makela, Matti


Mission According to John R. W. Stott: A Study with Special Reference to the Ecumenicals and Evangelicals

Dr.Theol., 1999, Aba Akademi University

Malakyan, Petros Grigor


Christ-like Leadership: Theological and Missiological Foundations for Leadership and Development (an Armenian Case Study)

Ph.D., 1998, Fuller Theological Seminary

Mallampalli, Chandra Sekhar


Contending with Marginality: Christians and the Public Sphere in Colonial South India, 1863-1937

Ph.D., 2000, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Malone, Kelly Scott


The Kingdom of God and the Mission of the Church in Contemporary Evangelical Thought: George Eldon Ladd, Donald George Bloesch, and Howard Albert Snyder

Ph.D., 1995, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Mandell, Daniel Richard


Behind the Frontier: Indian Communities in Eighteenth-Century Massachusetts

Ph.D., 1992, University of Virginia

Mann, James Andrew


To All Nations: An Exegetical Analysis of the Parables of the Lord in Luke

Ph.D., 1999, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Manthadam, John


The Pastoral Activities of Stephen Louis Charbonnaux, Bishop of Jassen and Vicar Apostolic of Mysore (1850-1873)

H.E.D., 1992, Pontifical Gregorian University

Mapes, Mary Lynne


Visions of a Christian City: The Politics of Religion and Gender in Chicago's City Missions and Protestant Settlement Houses, 1886-1929

Ph.D., 1998, Michigan State University

Martin, Carlos G.


Evangelistic Strategies of Seventh-day Adventists to Reach Recent Hispanic Immigrants to Texas: A Critical Evaluation

Ph.D., 1992, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Martinez, Juan Francisco


Origins and Development of Protestantism Among Latinos in the Southwestern United States, 1836-1900

Ph.D., 1996, Fuller Theological Seminary

Mason, John Cecil Strickland


The Role of the Moravian Church During the Missionary Awakening in England, 1760 to c. 1800

Ph.D., 1998, University of London, King's College London

Mathis, James Rhett


"Can Two Walk Together Unless They Be Agreed? …

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