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Closing Bedroom Door May Open Pandora's Box

Magazine article Insight on the News

Closing Bedroom Door May Open Pandora's Box

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Byline: Nicole Riner, INSIGHT

Rush Limbaugh, Excellence in Broadcasting Network,

A [supreme] court is [supposed] to rule on the constitutionality of laws, not to impose the current cultural climate on the people of any particular state in this case by denying the people of any particular state the right and ability to make their own laws.

Everybody says this is a conservative court. If you would have told me that, with a Republican president and a Republican House and a Republican Senate, this is the kind of stuff we would get out of a conservative court, I would have told you you're nuts. You have a constitutional right to gay sex so says the U.S. Supreme Court.

Rodger Hedgecock, KOGO 600-AM, San Diego,

I'm one of those who believes that it's none of the government's business what goes on in my bedroom; that's my business. But most states also have laws prohibiting incest, barring sex between a person and a child or an animal, and banning prostitution and bigamy.

For example, NAMBLA the North American Man-Boy Love Association argues in favor of a child's right to a sex life and against laws making man-boy love a felony. Whether and to what extent any sexual behavior ought to be restricted by state law was widely debated. I say "was" because the debate is over. The U.S. Supreme Court now says sodomy between consenting adults is a constitutional right not subject to any more debate or any state law. Can incest and man-boy love be next?

Laura Ingraham, Westwood One Radio Network, New York City,

You know that all hell has broken loose at the Supreme Court when the New York Times' lead editorial summed up the recent blockbuster decisions this way: "A Moderate Term on the Court." Moderate my asterisk! In the Michigan affirmative-action case and the Texas sodomy case, the court has unambiguously established itself as the governmental branch of choice for America's university, metropolitan and entertainment elites.

Let the Democrats align themselves with gay marriage, along with tax increases and the U.N. That will only redound to the Republicans' great benefit and, perhaps, help people realize just how important these judicial appointments are. …

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