Magazine article Ebony

What Is Your 'Salt'? (Sister Speak)

Magazine article Ebony

What Is Your 'Salt'? (Sister Speak)

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FROM the first moment I heard her rich sultry voice, I've been mesmerized. The talented young Sister named Lizz Wright is blessed with an exceptional earthy and resilient voice. But there is also depth and substance beneath her radiant cocoa skin and smooth bald head. At least that's the conclusion I draw based on her thought-provoking lyrics.

On the title song of her debut recording, Salt, Lizz sings: How can you lose your song, When you have sung it for so long, How can you forget your dance, When that dance is all you've ever had. It must be true, You can't separate the two, It's impossible to do. Just like the salt in the stew, It's all a part of you. One thing that life cannot do, It can't take your salt from you."

These are poignant words that make you think and ponder and wonder. What is my "salt"?

In other words, who are you, really? Think about it. Strip yourself down to the bare essence of your soul. Beneath the diamonds and gold jewelry, and all the other bling-bling that clutters your life. We're not talking about your job title. That's not you. Who are you without your high-flying friends, without the iMac or Dell notebook, without the plasma screen television and fabulous art collection, without the Benz and SUV. Who are you stripped down to your heart and soul?

What is your salt? And is your salt spiced with integrity, character and honesty? What is it that defines you, that essence that cannot be separated, like the salt in the stew?

So many Sisters are caught up in the superficial and people and situations that are just plain wrong. They have lost sight of their salt. Where it is most pronounced is in relationships. In a desperate attempt to find and hold a man, too many women lose themselves.

A woman I know well confessed recently that she knew within months after marrying her husband 25 years ago that he was not the man for her. …

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