Magazine article The American Enterprise

Men Today. (Opinion Pulse)

Magazine article The American Enterprise

Men Today. (Opinion Pulse)

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The polling archive at the American Enterprise Institute contains dozens of studies on women's attitudes--their concerns, their politics, their goals--but hardly any that focus solely on men's attitudes. Both men and women see changes from the past, and both applaud more opportunities for women at work and more involvement by men in the home. Seventeen percent of women and 30 percent of men agree that today's dads are too soft.

Question: Compared to your parents' generation,
do you think ...?

                     Men's response

   Male and female        72%
roles have changed
         very much

          Somewhat        25

        Not at all        -3

Source: Harris Interactive
for Radcliffe Public Policy
Center and Fleet Boston
Financial, January-February

Question: Now I'd like to ask you about the
women's movement ...?

                        Men's response

 Women's movement has        51%
had a positive impact
     on me personally

             Negative        15

     No impact at all        31

Source: Hart-Teeter Research for NBC
News/Wall Street Journal, June 2000.

Question: Do you ...?

Agree that today's dads
are too soft, they should
be more manly

Men's      Women's
response   response

   30%       17%

Source: TNS Intersearch for
American Demographics,
March 2002.

Question: In general, do you feel ...?

                          Women's response

Men are different today         76%
      from the way they
      were 25 years ago

                Are not         23

Note: When asked in what ways men were different, 24 percent
cited greater involvement with family and 17 percent
said acceptance of women as partners or equals.

Source: Harris Interactive for Lear's, August-October 1988.

Question: Which of the following statements better
reflects how you feel . … 
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