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The Circus Comes to Town in California

Magazine article Insight on the News

The Circus Comes to Town in California

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Byline: Vanessa Pierce, INSIGHT

The Circus Comes To Town in California

Rush Limbaugh, Excellence in Broadcasting Network,

Arianna Huffington is entering the governor circus in California as an independent the refuge of cowards. Independents. Moderates. Whoop-de-do. They're people that haven't the guts to admit who and what they really are. ...

Why is Larry Flynt even in this mix? Granted he's a kook, oddball, "smut peddler who cares" weirdo that we're all laughing about, but there's a reason why he's involved, and it's because Bill Clinton legitimized Flynt as a Clinton defender during impeachment.

What, Exactly, Is The Left Looking At?

Kirby Wilbur, KVI 570-AM, Seattle,

The leftist chattering classes continue their drumbeat no evidence of WMDs [weapons of mass destruction], no direct link to terrorism, the Iraqi people don't want us inching farther and farther out on their limb. In the real world, progress is being made, the evidence exists for both WMDs and terror links, more of the 55 [Iraqi most wanted] are being captured or killed, more stability day-by-day in Iraq.

The big question remains, is the left suicidal or just blind and stupid? The answer may come sooner than we think.

U.S. Justices Solicit French Counseling

Rand Holman, The Rand Holman Show, WRTN 93.5-FM, New York City,

Why did three of our justices [Sandra Day O'Connor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer] intentionally fly to Paris to speak with French President Jacques Chirac, at taxpayers' expense, for hispoint of view on the death penalty and terrorism? It's frankly more than a little scary to think that one-third of our country's highest court were even interested in soliciting opinions from world leaders and their jurists, especially after Chirac's aggressive antiwar, nay, anti-U.S. efforts last spring.

Were our justices influenced or lobbied? Who knows, but nevertheless, our Supreme Court justices must always think as Americans, interpret the constitutionality of our laws as Americans, with the education and experience inherent within American courtrooms. Pro-global reasoning is not in America's best interests.

Full-Court Press

Laura Ingraham, The Laura Ingraham Show, Westwood One Radio Network, New York City,

Hillary [Clinton] hammers on solid federal appellate nominees like Miguel Estrada and William Pryor because she knows they will not act as super-legislators by treating the Constitution like a piece of Silly Putty. …

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