Magazine article Insight on the News

Schwarzenegger of the Narcissus; North Korea's Man at Foggy Bottom

Magazine article Insight on the News

Schwarzenegger of the Narcissus; North Korea's Man at Foggy Bottom

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California gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger must be getting plenty of that good Kennedy political advice to have picked zillionaire Warren Buffett as his economic adviser. Buffet is not the singer from Margaritaville but the zillionaire finance capitalist who is best known politically for favoring increased inheritance and property taxes. Judging by their speeches, the only conservative candidate among the Hollywood crowd is 4-foot-8-inch Gary Coleman, who Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says "symbolizes smaller government." If stature is the way you tell, does that mean Arnold and Arianna Huffington are for bigger government?

* Credit Cindy Adams with this one: "Maria Shriver is enrolled at the Rose Kennedy School of Denial - and, despite Arnold's pronunciation, Denial is not a river in Egypt."

* The New World Order boys at the State Department are determined to snatch away President George W. Bush's personal victory in forcing the North Koreans into multilateral negotiations to get rid of their nuclear weapons. As part of the scheme, say insiders, lefties at State acted quickly to keep tough U.S. arms-control chief John Bolton out of the talks and moved Mitchell Reiss, the smarmy dimbulb who did the deal under Bill Clinton to give the North Koreans 500,000 gallons of fuel oil a year and $4 billion worth of nuclear technology with which they could make bombs, into the post of director of State Department Policy Planning [see "Author of N. Korea Debacle Rewarded," p 32].

* When in a carefully cleared speech conservative Undersecretary of State Bolton called the North Korean dictatorship a "hellish nightmare," the White House spokesman said Bolton was speaking for the president. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage rushed off to the Texas ranch for a long talk with the president. The Japanese press then let the left-wing duplicity out of the bag, reporting that David Straub, the Korea desk officer at State, and Jack Pritchard, State's special envoy for talks with the North, told the North Koreans in New York that Bolton's comments reflected only his personal opinion. And of course Pyongyang saw its old friend Reiss smiling from the wings.

* Insiders are laughing about a decision of the faculty senate at the University of California at Berkeley to get rid of a 1934 guideline that called on professors there to avoid left-wing politics and "stick to the logic of the facts." Oh noooo, Mr. Bill, not at Berkeley!

* A senior official at the Pentagon who reviewed Adm. John Poindexter's six-page letter of resignation from spook services at DARPA rolled his eyes and declared he hadn't seen anything so weird since "the tome of the Unabomber. …

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