Magazine article Marketing

Second Oldest Profession

Magazine article Marketing

Second Oldest Profession

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Second oldest profession

As your trend-spotting correspondent, I am duty-bound to report all fresh media developments. And I have located something fascinating, plum under my ample nose.

The pavement outside our Tottenham Court Road offices is heavily populated by British Telecom and Mercury telephone booths which are periodically covered with cards and stickers bearing the telephone numbers of lusty ladies willing to gratify a bewildering variety of male desires.

Once the ads appear, squads of Mercury and British Telecom anti-filth operatives are despatched to cleanse the booths of wickedness. But the moment they depart, naughtier cards and stickers reappear. The cycle is endless.

With more than an eye to effect, I once scandalised a stuffy conference of US admen by informing them that, while they assumed the respectable dress and demeanour of lawyers, investment bankers and accountants, they were really members of the second oldest profession (shocked gasp from body of hall). "You're all aware of the oldest profession," I teased. "Well, think about it: she had to present her tariff. And that's where we came in."

As I remember, the applause was faint, and what little there was, was grudging.

In the days when I was a very junior cub copywriter, an ancient group head of mine advanced a theory. "Wherever there is a major media advance, pornography is always a step behind." I have been pondering the proposition ever since.

Picture the dimly-lit scene. …

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