Magazine article Marketing

Era of Sea Change for Marketing

Magazine article Marketing

Era of Sea Change for Marketing

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Era of sea change for marketing

Slowly it is beginning to dawn on us that this recession means more for marketing than most had ever thought. The psychologists have already started warning us of fin de siecle moods that are likely to take hold as we move to the end of the century, but there are good reasons to say we are at the end of an era, as Marketing columnists have recently pointed out.

Last week, the Henley Centre warned readers that house prices and consumer booms that seemed to be a permanent feature of the 80s are now a thing of the past. This week Drayton Bird's column hails the demise of "mass" man.

Both point to huge disparities in disposable income - the gap has always been there, but over the past ten years it has been widening, with dramatic consequences for marketers in search of margins.

The swing back into a saving, more cautious mode from the spend, spend, spend gungho attitudes of the mid-80s is probably just an overdue adjustment to an era of unreality.

How it affects marketing is less clear. It is difficult to envisage the paraphernalia of advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, and so on changing much. …

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