Magazine article Word Ways

Fibonacci Words

Magazine article Word Ways

Fibonacci Words

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In the November 2002 Kickshaws, Dave Morice introduced the idea of using the Fibonacci sequence to generate all 676 bigrams in fourteen closed loops. Ross Eckler in the current issue points out the lovely symmetry and underlying mathematics of the fascinating pattern Dave found. Dave also noted several words embedded in six of the loops, mostly three-letter words with three of four letters:

   joy, man, run, lam, ope, alm(?), hem (in loop 1), tic, wax, WAXY,
   web, yon (loop 2), sat, POET, fag, how, HOWL, owl, beg, sex, cad
   (3), sun, gel (4), dim, vie (5), kit, mob, zoo, sib (6)

On top of the neat patterns, I have a strange reverence for the concept of Fibonacci words, and thought it was worth noting some more words from Dave's loops, including four more fours:

   Zee, CRUM (in loop 1), OTIC, sob, gip, jis (loop 2), gub, cor, ORGY,
   ria, CADE (3), uni, lug, dos, Nes, gov (4), ens, gnu, Ras, tau, I've
   (5), Ods, psi (6), zzz[zzzz ... ] (14)

   Jis = 1. Jeez!, 2. dialect for just, 3. slang for ejaculate. Gub and
   gov = colloquial forms of address. Uni = university (common Oz
   slang). Dos, Nes, Ras, Ods = plurals of do, Ne (neon), Ra (radium or
   sun god), Od (interjection, God!). All these are listed in Macquaire
   Australian Dictionary--and most others--except jis 1 & 3 [Cassel
   Dictionary of Slang (CDS)] and the four inferred plurals (but the
   singulars are all in Macquarie).

Counting Dave's, this brings the total to a cool fifty-two Fibonacci words (Why cool? See the accompanying article by the editor. …

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