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Searching for a Voice in Europe

Magazine article Marketing

Searching for a Voice in Europe

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This week's Guide on how the EC works (page 21) is an indication of how the business environment has changed. We've had the "bonfire of controls" and the celebration of market forces free from the dead hand of regulation. Now, the phoenix of control and regulation rises from the ashes -- except this time stronger, and much less easy to influence.

Two central issues relating to the European Community have yet to be resolved by British business and British politicians.

The first is how to respond to the avalanche of new rules and regulations emanating from Brussels.

There are many who think that if this is what creating a free market with a "level playing field" is about, they'd rather go back to the good old days of socialism. However, the immediate practical task is how to influence the decisions being made across the Channel.

New forms of lobbying and political pressure are needed. Trade bodies, once regarded as another symptom of corporatism are finding they need more resources and cohesion, not less. The wooing of political and public opinion over such issues as advertising restrictions is now urgent.

The second issue is more fundamental. …

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