Magazine article Insight on the News

U.N.-American Body

Magazine article Insight on the News

U.N.-American Body

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Byline: Douglas Burton, INSIGHT

U.N.-American Body

Rush Limbaugh, The Excellence in Broadcasting Network, Southern Florida,

Kofi Annan thinks that the future of the United Nations is at the fork in the road. I was hoping he'd say, "We're at the fork in the road, and we're going to take it." It would be best if they would take the fork in the road and split themselves up on it.

With Tom and Gray California Dreaming

Tom Marr, WCBM-680 AM, Baltimore,

[Tom] McClintock would make a great member of Congress, [but he] can't be elected statewide in California. And he can only hurt Republican chances. McClintock could cost [Arnold] Schwarzenegger the race, but he walks around as if he's going to win, citing things that happened in California 35-40 years ago when [Ronald] Reagan won. A lot has changed in California since then. We conservatives sometimes have problems in that the highway we travel has to be so narrow that we wind up shooting ourselves in the foot over and over again.

Roger Hedgecock, KOGO-600 AM, San Diego,

Gov. Gray Davis has given us yet another reason to vote yes on his recall. In an appearance before the Indian Gaming Association a coalition of casino-owning tribes Gray Davis asked them for their support and, as reported in the [San Diego] Union-Tribune, asked the tribes to submit nominations for appointment to the California Gambling Control Commission.

Now the Gambling Control Commission is supposed to enforce the rules governing Indian gaming. Gray Davis asking the gaming tribes to nominate commissioners is like putting the fox right in the henhouse. Worse yet, in this time of fiscal debt and deficit in our state government, the Gambling Control Commission is also supposed to settle how much the Indian casinos will pay the state government under the terms of their gaming compacts.

With state government and education programs hurting, did Gray Davis just promise to put Indian gaming representatives on the very commission which will determine how much of the $5 billion annual profit those casinos make will be paid to the state? Well, yes he did, with a straight face, too. …

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