Magazine article Technology and Children

Message from the President of TECC

Magazine article Technology and Children

Message from the President of TECC

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Welcome back to another school year! It's also time to update you with what's happening in TECC (Technology Education for Children Council) and hopefully get you thinking ahead for the March 18-20, 2004 ITEA conference in Albuquerque.

Council news

Thanks to all who sent in nominations for TECC President, Vice President for Programs, Vice President for Communications, Treasurer, and Secretary. The ballot is now in preparation, and all TECC members will be receiving one soon. Please complete and return the ballot as soon as possible!

TECC officers, and especially Sharon Brusic, have been spending the summer planning the TECC Program for the 66th Annual ITEA Conference (Albuquerque, March 2004). I am happy to announce that TECC will be Sponsoring a significantly broader program this year! For the first time, TECC will be offering multiple sessions for you to choose from during the same time slots. We will be offering regular-length presentations as well as longer work sessions. Please note that some of these sessions will require that you sign up ahead of time (although there will be no additional fees). We're also planning an open house where you can meet TECC officers. I'll have more information for you in T&Cs December issue. Of course, the best way to stay up-to-date with TECC is to check out our Web site, tecchome.html, maintained by Vince Childress.

Are you better off than you were a hundred years ago?

I've been reading old books about education lately, and while it's amazing how far we've come in the past century, it's equally amazing how similar the problems teachers faced in the early 1900s are to our issues today.

Katharine Dopp, in 1906, bemoaned the "isolation of manual training, sewing, and cooling from the physical, natural, and social sciences," but was hopeful that these topics would soon be integrated into the elementary curriculum. In 1923, according to McMurry, Eggers and McMurry, "the incorporation of aesthetic design into constructive ... projects is regarded as a genuine problem."

A hundred years ago, few children in the U.S. attended high school; five or six years was the total education for many. …

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