Magazine article Technology and Children

Whoever You Are

Magazine article Technology and Children

Whoever You Are

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Fox, M. (1997). Whoever you are. New York: Harcourt Brace and Company. 132 pages; ISBN 0-15-200787-31.

Summary of Book

This simple picture book embraces a beautiful message--that all people share many similar characteristics, despite their many differences in color, language, and lifestyles. Author Mem Fox helps readers realize that children share many commonalities including their hearts, smiles, laughs, hurts, and tears. This poignant story sends a powerful message, and the beautiful pictures complement the text by illustrating these similarities and differences across many diverse cultures.

Student Introduction

Think about all the ways that you are alike and different than a child in another country. Imagine how your life would be different if you lived in a faraway land. What kind of home might you have? How would you travel to school or the store? What would your toys look like? Where would your parents work?

Design Brief Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Draw a picture of yourself in a faraway land. Pick a place that is very different from your homeland. Show lots of details in your picture just like the artist did in the story. Once you have a colorful picture, design and make a special frame for your picture. Your frame should neatly enclose your picture. It should be sturdy. It should be easily hung on the Wall or set on top of a table. Think about clever ways to make your picture frame.

Teacher Hints

1. Provide students with different shapes and sizes of drawing or construction paper to use for their drawings. Pictures can be drawn on Circular, triangular, rectangular or square shapes for example. Let students choose the drawing media to use, too (e.g., colored pencils, markers, crayons).

2. Have many resources and picture books on hand related to the countries being illustrated. Children will need to see lots of examples in order to fully understand how things may be the same or different in another location. Sharon A. Brusic

3. Have lots of art and craft materials on hand for the design and construction of the picture frames. Construction paper, craft sticks, wood scraps, beads, cardboard tubes (toilet paper, paper towels), glue, string, yarn, corrugated cardboard; and paper fasteners are just a few of the options to have on hand. …

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