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A new era for 'E&P' in January: monthly in print, hourly online

When the time came last week to announce that E&P will shift from weekly to monthly publication in January, the first word came via the Web, at E&P Online. That seemed fitting, as another important facet of our new publishing schedule calls for vastly increasing the frequency of news posted on our Web site. All of the writers and editors long associated with E&P will continue to contribute both online and in a new, improved, and expanded monthly magazine.

What does this mean, and what will the new, but very familiar, E&P look like? Editor & Publisher has been around in some form since 1884, and weekly since 1898, but you might call the version that will debut in 2004 "E&P for a New Century."

As we chronicle almost every issue, the Web is now a major part of both our personal and professional lives. Virtually every daily newspaper maintains a site, many of them robust, and most weeklies are online, too. Weeklies can now communicate with readers daily, and dailies can do it hourly or minute-to-minute.

We've all learned that while faster is not necessarily better, it is faster. Like everyone else, E&P has felt this pressure, but also a passion, for getting news to its audience more quickly, rather than having to wait for the U.S. Postal Service to bring it to your door (up to a week after the story was written, edited and sent to the printer). Maybe a bowling trade publication can stand that wait, but as a magazine covering the news business we know that large segments of our audience want, and require, the news now.

In fact, we have broken more national news stories in the past year than in several past decades combined. Still, we fear that weekly will soon mean "weakly." So, with all due respect for our long tradition, we are excited about expanding our role as the news bible of the newspaper industry -- while also, on a monthly basis in print, presenting the analysis and commentary that helps put all that news in context.

E&P will continue to appear weekly through mid-December. Then what will you get, in print and online?

The significantly fatter magazine will include all of the features and departments you've come to expect, but in expanded form -- Technology, Syndicates, Newspeople, and all the rest. Instead of one major feature each issue, we will publish three or four. So if you've ever had the sense that any particular issue of E&P didn't have "enough" on your particular area of interest, that should be a thing of the past. …

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