Books Reviewed

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Allman, Jean, and Susan Geiger, eds. Women in African Colonial Histories, 27:91-92

Armour, Rollin, Sr. Islam, Christianity, and the West: A Troubled History, 27:89-90

Bevans, Stephen, and Roger Schroeder, eds. Mission for the Twenty-first Century, 27:40-41

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Burns, J. M. Flickering Shadows: Cinema and Identity in Colonial Zimbabwe, 27:46

Chandler, Paul-Gordon. God's Global Mosaic: What We Can Learn from Christians Around the World, 27:41-42

Cox, Jeffrey. Imperial Fault Lines: Christianity and Colonial Power in India, 1818-1940, 27:141

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De La Torre, Miguel A., and Edwin David Aponte. Introducing Latino/a Theologies, 27:183-84

Dichter, Thomas W. Despite good Intentions: Why Development Assistance to the Third World Has Failed, 27:186

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Guy, Jeff. The View Across the River: Harriette Colenso and the Zulu Struggle Against Imperialism, 27:178

Hamlin, Catherine, with John Little. The Hospital by the River--a Story of Hope, 27:88-89

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Harper, Keith. Send the Light: Lottie Moon's Letters and Other Writings, 27:139-40

Harvey, Thomas Alan. Acquainted with Grief: Wang Mingdao's Stand for the Persecuted Church in China, 27:185

Jenkins, Philip. The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity, 27:45

Kwantes, Anne, ed. Chapters in Philippine Church History, 27:87

Lai, Whalen, and Michael von Bruck. Christianity and Buddhism: A Multi-Cultural History of Their Dialogue, 27:85

Lampe, Armando. Mission or Submission? Moravian and Catholic Missionaries in the Dutch Caribbean During the Nineteenth Century, 27:46

McAmis, Robert Day. Malay Muslims: The History and Challenge of Resurgent Islam in Southeast Asia, 27:186

McGrath, Alister E. The Future of Christianity, 27:85-86

Mellor, Howard, and Timothy Yates, eds. Mission and Spirituality: Creative Ways of Being Church, 27:142

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Moucarry, Chawkat. The Prophet and the Messiah: An Arab Christian's Perspective on Islam and Christianity, 27:92

Newbigin, Lesslie. …


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