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CAREERS: Company CV - Microsoft Corporation

Magazine article Marketing

CAREERS: Company CV - Microsoft Corporation

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Microsoft Corporation, based in Redmond, Washington, was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Microsoft was incorporated in 1981, and the UK subsidiary was founded in 1982. The UK arm now employs more than 1500 people.

Microsoft's success derived initially from creating the MS-DOS system in 1981, on which IBM's then-new personal computer was based. It has since become the world's biggest personal computer software company.

Microsoft operates more than 60 subsidiary offices worldwide. The UK operation was its first in Europe.

The company also has satellite offices in Edinburgh, Dublin and Manchester.

Its products include operating systems for personal computers, server applications for client/server environments, business and consumer productivity applications, interactive media programmes, internet platform and development tools. The company also offers online services, sells personal computer books and input devices, and researches and develops advanced technology software products.

More recently, Microsoft has expanded to offer video game consoles, enterprise software, computer peripherals, software development tools and internet access services.

In March this year, it launched the Xbox Live online gaming service in Europe. The broadband platform attracted 50,000 gamers, while globally more than 500,000 Xbox owners have signed up and can play against each other.

In August, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Vodafone announced the September launch of the Outlook Anywhere product. The remote e-mail service has been positioned to rival the Blackberry device from Research In Motion.

Also in August, Microsoft launched a European-based pay-as-you-go music download service modelled on the iTunes service that has been a massive success for Apple Computer. PC users in Western Europe are able to legally download 200,000 songs from 8,500 artists for 99 cents each (69p). …

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