Magazine article Ebony

Michael Baisden

Magazine article Ebony

Michael Baisden

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MANY readers have a love-hate relationship with Michael Baisden. Judging from the reader reviews of his books, they either love his work or hate it. Actually, it is the portrayals of relationships that he presents in his works. When it comes to Baisden's in-your-face approach to tough issues of male-female relations, there is no middle ground. For the uninitiated, the titles give a big clue: Never Satisfied: Why Men Cheat; Men Cry in the Dark, The Maintenance Man; and God's Gift to Women. All self-published, these books have helped to make Baisden an attraction on the speaker circuit. His "Love, Lust & Lies" seminar--a lecture-motivational-comedy remix--plays to sold-out audiences across the country. He also has taken his message to the air, on New York FM radio. Currently living in Los Angeles and Houston, Baisden took time out to talk with EBONY, about the kind of issues he confronts head-on in his books.

Q: You seem to be on a mission to get a message out there.

A: I am on a mission. When I started in this business, I never fooled myself into believing that this would be about just writing books. I saw that authors were getting a lot of media exposure back in the '90s. So, obviously, I'm not a singer, I can't dance, I'm not a comedian--at least not professionally anyway--so if I want to have a voice, books are a great way to create that.

Q: How would you define your mission?

A: To change the way people think, the way they make their decisions, and then, finally, change the way they live.

Q: You have specific purposes in mind, but isn't it fun just to write?

A: It really is. But because the books give me a reason to be out here, to be fresh, to stay fresh, to reinvent myself, if you will, that's really the motivating force behind it.

Q: When you begin to write a book, do you have a particular issue in mind?

A: Every book deals with a social issue, not a personal one. To me, personal issues are not big enough unless there's something that can affect a lot of people. So it has to start with something that I feel is an issue that people need to deal with.

Q: What do you want people to walk away with?

A: It all starts with introspection. All I've ever wanted to do with any of my books is cause men and women to look within themselves and see--if these things apply to them--if they can make some kind of correction. …

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