Magazine article Black Issues in Higher Education

A Post-Sept. 11 Academic World

Magazine article Black Issues in Higher Education

A Post-Sept. 11 Academic World

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So much has changed since Sept. 11, 2001. What we talk about and what we worry about were forever changed after the terrorist-attacks.

We live with Sept. 11 every day--when we go through airports, there's heightened security; the massive power outages that blacked out Cleveland to New York recently had commuters in the New York City subways fearing the worst. Was this another terrorist attack many wondered? But the current situation in Iraq is the obvious daily reminder that it is no longer "business as usual" in the United States.

We didn't plan to have a Sept. 11th edition, but as scheduling would have it, this is our issue date. We know how living in a post-Sept. 11 environment has affected our personal lives, but how does it continue to affect the higher education community?

Kendra Hamilton in "Spending Time on SEVIS" speaks with several people in the international education community who say that the now-required and increased reporting on international students has become extremely time consuming. Adding to their frustration is not having the proper tools to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. On the flip side, government officials say the tracking system has been very successful. You decide.

Ronald Roach looks at a few historically Black colleges and universities and some research funding opportunities in the homeland security area. Several HBCUs believe they have a good chance to compete for funding in areas such as Internet and information security and telecommunications protection.

And Cassie Chew, in our cover story, "Diversity Intersects With National Security," looks at the United Negro College Fund's Institute for International Public Policy (IIPP) and their work in encouraging and preparing snore underrepresented minorities to pursue international careers. However, the IIPP's current project is looking at the importance of a diverse work force as a national security imperative. …

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