Parking Network

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Parking Network

When it comes to today's retail market, the quality of the parking
experience is a key driver of a center's success. A number of products
and services available today can help the retail manager maximize
parking revenue.

COMPANY                      WEB ADDRESS

CTI, Inc.          
Otis Elevator      
Schindler Elevator 
Thyssenkrupp Elevator
Lithonia Lighting  
Elite Maintenance  
Unicco Service Company
Fast Access America
Federal APD        
Pegnato & Pegnato  
American Floor Products
Marbelite Co., Inc.
Imperial Parking   
Standard Parking   
Parking Concepts   
Cardinal Tracking, Inc.
Duncan Parking Technologies
Magnetic Automation Corp.
McGann Software Systems
Property Management
Accounting Software
Amano Group        
Ascom Parking Systems
OMRON Corporation  
PES Inc.           
Scheidt and Bachmann USA
Complus Data Innovations
Dorado Products    
Professional Maintenance
JB Bostick Company 
Zimmer Consultants 
Kastle Systems     
Champion America   
Innerface Sign Systems
SPC Marketing      
Traffic Sign Inc.  
Bobrick Equipment  

COMPANY                      SPECIALTIES                      ADA
CTI, Inc.                    Cleaning Products
Otis Elevator                Elevators/Escalators             X
Schindler Elevator           Elevators/Escalators
Thyssenkrupp Elevator        Elevators/Escalators             X
Lightlogix                   Lighting
Lithonia Lighting            Lighting
Elite Maintenance            Maintenance
Unicco Service Company       Maintenance
Fast Access America          Parking Access Control
Federal APD                  Parking Access Control
Pegnato & Pegnato            Parking Access Control
American Floor Products      Parking Access Control
Marbelite Co., Inc.          Parking Access Control
Imperial Parking             Parking Management/Leasing
Standard Parking             Parking Management/Leasing
Parking Concepts             Parking Management/Leasing
Playprint                    Parking Management Solutions
Cardinal Tracking, Inc.      Parking Management Software
Duncan Parking Technologies  Parking Management Software
Magnetic Automation Corp. … 


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