Magazine article The New American

Drugging Our Kids

Magazine article The New American

Drugging Our Kids

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My husband's co-worker recently gave me a copy of the August 25th issue of THE NEW AMERICAN so that I could read William Norman Grigg's article "Drugging Our Kids." While I do not currently subscribe to your magazine, I now plan to.

I was basically strong-armed by the school system to either put my 10-year-old daughter Ashley on Ritalin or enroll her in a behavior modification class. If I did neither, neglect charges could be brought against me. When I read about Shaina Dunkle in "Drugging Our Kids," it was like reading about my times with the school.

I am blessed to say that we never put Ashley on any medication, and she is now in regular classes. Honestly, I do not feel the behavior modification class was the best recourse, but what is a parent to do?

Ashley grew up as an only child and was always on a one-to-one basis with me or her in-home care provider, whom I knew personally. I never put her in a "child-care" facility. She was with the provider and then went directly into school. Of course, this may cause some problems, but not enough to put her on Ritalin.

I now have a nephew who has taken medication, is facing kidney/urinary problems, and is failing school because of all the surgeries he has had to have. I personally would love to become some sort of advocate for the children and parents forced by the school systems to take this medication.

Thank you for the wonderful article. I plan to share it with many of my friends and family.


Independence, Kentucky

Thanks for the article "Drugging Our Kids." We had a similar experience, although thankfully our son is still with us--healthy, happy, and learning, now that he is off drugs and at home during the school day.

We were amazed at the schools' refusal to listen to us, as parents. We were horrified that they thought drugs were the first and best answer to his behavior. …

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