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Learning to Live with Spoiled Brats

Magazine article Marketing

Learning to Live with Spoiled Brats

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Learning to live with spoilt brats

Pity the modern food marketer. And then admire what he/she manages to achieve. Million upon million of city dwellers are supplied every day with a vast range of fresh and prepared produce. This vast operation, from farm to factory to warehouse to shelf and freezer, engages the initiative, energy, and hard work of hundreds of thousands. So efficient are they that consumers never have to bother their little heads with what it took to get the stuff there.

It is natural for complacent, modern consumers not be grateful for this spectacular feat. Instead, like the spoilt brats they have become, they collapse into paroxysms of rage should any product reach them in less than absolute perfect condition.

Now they are kicking up a fuss about what goes into what they eat - and how the stuff is labelled. They want everything fresh and perfect, but without preservatives, additives, emulsifiers, stabilisers and so on.

They forget that "natural" food is riddled with bugs, bruises, fatty bits, bones, rotten and mouldy bits, and that it doesn't just fly itself to shelves automatically.

But they have lost touch with reality.

Marketers cannot complain. This ever-more demanding and ever-less gracious monster is the marketer's creation: the product of the philosophy that "the consumer is king". …

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