Magazine article New African

Namibia at a Glance

Magazine article New African

Namibia at a Glance

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* Land area: 824, 268 km (about three-and-a-half times bigger than the UK and Northern Ireland)

* Capital: Windhoek

* Independence: 21 March 1990

* System of government: Multiparty democracy/parliament

* President: Sam Shafiishuna Nujoma

* Ruling party: SWAPO

* National population: 1.8 million

* Population growth: 2.6%

* Life expectancy: 56 years

* Official language: English

* Native languages: 16 languages and dialects; 13 ethnic cultures

* Literacy rate: 65% 1,450 schools--94% of children attend school

* Secular state--freedom of religion (90% Christian)

* Freedom of the press/media

* National symbol: the Oryx

* Per capital income: N$11,736 (about US$1,736)

* Currency: The Namibian dollar (N$) is fixed and equals the South Africa Rand which is also legal tender throughout Namibia

* Main economic sectors: Mining, fishing, tourism, agriculture

* Major mineral resources: Diamonds, uranium, copper, lead, zinc, magnesium, cadmium, arsenic, pyrites, silver, gold, lithum, dimension stones (granite, marble, blue sodalite) and many semi-precious stones

* Biggest employer: Agriculture (60%)

* Fastest growing sector: Tourism

* Main harbours: Walvis Bay, Luderitiz

* Main airports: Hosea Kutako International Airport, Eros Airport in Windhoek City

* Airstrips: 46

* Tarred roads: 5,450 km

* Gravel roads: 37,000 km

* Rail network: 2,382 km

* 6. …

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