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Now We Don Our Gay Apparel

Magazine article Insight on the News

Now We Don Our Gay Apparel

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Byline: Douglas Burton, INSIGHT

Now We Don Our Gay Apparel ...

Don Feder, WTTT-AM 1150, Boston,

Thanks to our Supreme Judicial Court [SJC], we can change Massachusetts' name from the Bay State to the Gay State.

In mandating gay marriage, our high court has sunk to a new low. This is judicial activism on steroids. As its excuse, the SJC used a provision from our state constitution, originally drafted in the Revolutionary War era. You just know the 18th-century gentlemen who wrote that document wanted to endorse homosexual marriage. Either the Massachusetts Legislature will say enough is enough and stand up to these tyrants, or they may as well adjourn indefinitely and let the judiciary run the state, without "interference" from the people's elected representatives.

Goings-on Down At Jacko's Ranch

Tom Marr, WCBM-AM 680, Baltimore,

Have we reached the point where parents are so sick that celebrity will interfere with their decisions and they'd let their children go near a Michael Jackson? You know, when you see him in public, the kids run up to him and the parents are there with their mouths hanging open and smiling. "Oh, so what if he's a child molester? We don't care!"

One Dares to Call It Treason

Tom Adkins, Free Republic Internet Radio Show, Philadelphia,

We conservatives always knew that rank-and-file liberals, at best, are incredibly naive. At worst, they're scheming moochers, sucking off their hardworking countrymen. At best, we know liberal leaders are arrogant megalomaniacs, seeking power and control. At worst? They're anti-American, bent on destroying the individual freedom and gathering power at any cost.

We called them traitors. And everyone laughed. But then came that Senate Intelligence Committee memo, proving Democrats were plotting to attack our own president by specifically using intelligence data and security secrets with our troops in harm's way in the middle of a war. It is time to stop the music. It is time to raise the curtain.

At this point there can be no further denials. No head-scratching introspection. No politics-as-usual shoulder shrugging. [These] Democrats are traitors!

Cleaning Up After Howard Dean

Laurie Morrow, True North Radio, Burlington, Vt. …

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