Vegas Interruptus: Zumanity Forces Tourists to Consider Gays and Lesbians as Part of Its Cirque Du Sexuality. but Only to a Point

Article excerpt

Las Vegas encourages tourists to indulge in sexual voyeurism with a wealth of cheesy, chesty revues--your choice of gender. Zumanity is Cirque du Soleil's attempt to muscle in to that bare-breasted market without compromising the organization's reputation for class and spectacle. Thus the show delivers a sexy hetero couple enacting an R-rated Kama Sutra, often balanced on one another in seemingly impossible positions. It's got lithe, nearly nude faux lesbians kissing and cavorting in a giant fishbowl in seemingly impossible contortions. There's the most pumped-up "little person" ever, clinging to a fabric lifeline dangled by a woman on a trapeze, the duo soaring overhead in gorgeous, seemingly impossible arcs ... You get the picture.

Zumanity is 100 minutes of limber, muscular, fat-free cast members--men and women--performing suggestive, remarkably imagined gymnastics to throbbing music. It's amazing. It's fun. It's hot. But it's not entirely trip. It knows its audience.

The inclusion of Johan and Patrick's dance of same-sex domestic dysfunction is pleasantly confrontational in this sex for-tourists context, particularly with its final, drawn-out kiss. …


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