American Software Accounts Receivable

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We had outgrown our order processing and accounts receivable package due to several acquisitions, an expanded product line, and increased diversity in our client base. We needed a package that would give us the tools needed to better control our billing and collections, thus servicing our clients better. The American Software Accounts Receivable package has given us these tools and more.

The software is menu-driven and uses standard PF keys to move from one screen to another with ease, making the package very user-friendly. The key users of the A/R system are our cash appliers and collections staff. Once the software was installed and functional, we were able to train users in less than one month using a test environment, allowing the users to "play" with the system and learn the various functions. The systems and user documentation is very good, especially when used during training as a reference guide to question on specific fields or functions as the user is learning new tasks.

American Software's technical support has been excellent. Using their phone customer service, we have been able to work through all problems we have encountered. Their response time has been excellent and their customer service representative are quite knowledgeable about the product and are able to understand our needs very well.

We have received the most benefit from this software in three specific areas.

The first the on-line real-time inquiry capabilities of our phone collections staff. Using a series of six PF keys in A/R inquiry, they are able to investigate and answer most questions a client has immediately while on the phone. We are able to get directly to specific data by using the PF keys or by using the very powerful search functions built into the software. This has dramatically increased the efficiency and productivity of our collections staff. This software has eliminated the time-consuming and inefficient process of digging through billing files to get to the data needed to answer our client' questions. …


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