Magazine article School Arts

Building Imagination One Shape at a Time

Magazine article School Arts

Building Imagination One Shape at a Time

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It's story time! Students gather an the carpeted floor, and listen to Grandfather Tang's Story by Ann Tompert. From the story and illustrations, they will learn and recognize the different shapes called tangrams (a Chinese puzzle that is created with a square that is cut into seven different shapes). They will see the shapes change from a fox to a squirrel and so on.


Students will:

1. Recognize shapes of tangrams (triangles, squares, and diamonds);

2. implement art knowledge of shapes and colors;

3. demonstrate creative narrative; and

4. work in groups to build knowledge in creativity and imagination.

Learning and Looking

After the story, students work with different colored construction paper shapes, grouping and naming them by shape as squares, circle, triangles, ovals, and rectangles; and by colors of red, blue, yellow, green, etc. After the discussion of recognizing shapes and colors, divide the class equally into four to six small groups, depending on class size. Explain to each group that they will work together to create one animal.


The fun begins! Give each group a large 12 x 18" (31 x 46 cm) drawing paper and three of each shape (triangle, square, circle, and rectangle). Step back and watch for a few minutes as the groups begin to figure out what animal they can agree to make. Once you see the groups in progress, explain to each group about gluing the shapes. Have students center the animal on the paper, and begin gluing. …

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