Magazine article Marketing

Elongating Consumers' Anticipation

Magazine article Marketing

Elongating Consumers' Anticipation

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Elongating consumers' anticipation

There I was, returning from a meeting in Barcelona, shuffling forward in the Terminal One immigration queue, when my arm was pulled backwards. My passport almost fell from between my clenched teeth. The fingers tugging my sleeve belonged to none other than Crispin Neat, intrepid spotter of incipient social trends.

"Hi", he chortled, far too cheerily for anyone passing through Heathrow, "I've been meaning to touch base."

Icily, I disentangled the fabric of my jacket from his humid clutch. "Indeed, and now your intention is literally realised," I stated rather obviously. "Why did you want to speak to me?"

"Well, I thought you might be fascinated in an extraordinary new conceptual breakthrough I'm in the process of developing..."

"Crispin, yet another new scam?"

He ignored my interruption and continued: "... namely Elongated Anticipation. Guys in the know call it EA."

The queue was long and the immigration official was thorough. "OK. I'll give in. Explain Elongated Anticipation."

Crispin smiled his irritating little I-knew-you-would-eventually-capitulate grins and began selling. "EA. Right. The idea was sparked off by paging through some dusty old post-war magazines in my grandparents' attic. It astonished me that ads were appearing, even during rationing, and mostly for brands that couldn't be bought."

"So?" I asked. The shuffling had halted. Someone at the head of the queue had mislaid his passport. …

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