Magazine article The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

Patrol Operations and Enforcement Tactics

Magazine article The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

Patrol Operations and Enforcement Tactics

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Patrol Operations and Enforcement Tactics by George T. Payton and Michael Amaral, Criminal Justice Services, San Jose, California, 1996.

Patrol Operations and Enforcement Tactics is a comprehensive, straightforward book involving current law enforcement activities. Both authors are experts in the fields of patrol operations, procedures, tactics, and officer survival. Besides having written numerous other related books and articles, they teach extensively at local colleges and universities and provide training for many officers throughout the United States. Each has received much recognition from peers and various professional organizations.

They comment that their book is not the "gospel of patrol operations," but when read by those with law enforcement experience, including those aspiring for participation in academics, such readers will be impressed with the book's depth, practicality, comprehensiveness, and application to their jobs and positions. It is a well-designed and researched effort that contains experiences of frontline uniform and plainclothes officers laced with invaluable critical personal opinions.

It covers most of the latest professional techniques and methods of operation and knowledge coupled with skills for the new recruit, officers with limited experience, as well as veteran law enforcement personnel. As a book, it lends itself to the safety and survival of officers facing grave situations and assists them in enhancing the lessening of officer-induced errors and mistakes.

A snapshot of the book's content reveals a law enforcement code of ethics and a police code of conduct, detailed preventive and selective enforcement operations, and types of patrols ranging from foot to air patrols coupled with computer-directed enforcement locations and techniques. The book also includes the use of forward-looking infrared systems on air patrols and the advantages and disadvantages of practical law enforcement communications. The authors address state and local automated networks, NCIC, and criminal justice information control, each involving enforcement operations and tactics. They also include an interesting chapter on observation and perception techniques required by officers with 17 identified and proven "attention getters" that officers should employ in detecting and catching criminals. An explanation exists to assist officers in their approach to citizens and criminals, as well as safety concerns of those officers being approached by others.

The book offers four compelling points among a wide variety of information. …

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