Magazine article Teacher Librarian

Quality Web Sites for Education

Magazine article Teacher Librarian

Quality Web Sites for Education

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Teacher-librarians often work directly with children, as teachers of information literacy skills, as providers of information services, and through reading promotion activities, among other things. However, they also have an adult constituency within their schools: teachers and school administrators. School administrators have information needs related to their work, including needs for information about current educational theory, best practice and new developments in education.

Teachers share some of their needs, but in addition, teachers have needs for information about curriculum in their field, instructional strategies and appropriate educational resources. Teacher-librarians also share some of these information needs. In particular, teacher-librarians have to be aware of current developments in educational practice and current resources, if they are to be able to work cooperatively and effectively with teachers.

This article provides information about a number of large and authoritative web sites in the field of education, sites that will help teacher-librarians in their work with school administrators and teachers. The sites are varied and include searchable databases, classified collections of curriculum resources and news and current information services in the field of education. Generally speaking, they are sites that provide evaluated collections of resources. Several countries are represented in the list. Information provided about each site includes the name or title of the site (usually with the name of the responsible organization or institution), the URL, and an annotation that describes the site. Links to all these sites can be found in the collection of links to "Internet Resources for School Libraries on the IASL (International Association of School Librarianship) web site School Libraries Online at, and via the online version of this column on the TL web site, at


ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) is an information service funded by the United States Department of Education. At its heart is a searchable bibliographic database that lists and describes more than two million education reports, documents, books, articles, tests, and other materials; the emphasis is American but resources from many countries are included. AskERIC is a web-based service that provides free access to this database, plus the full text of more than 3,000 "digests" that summarize current research in particular areas of education. AskERIC also has an archive of questions (with the answers provided by experts), and a collection of more than 2,000 lesson plans. It is also the "home" of professional discussion lists such as LM_NET for school library professionals from around the world, with its archive of messages going back several years. Both simple and advanced search options are available for searching the ERIC database, and comprehensive instructions are provided. A Yahoo-type directory on the home page allows the user to browse by subject categories.

Blue Web'n wired/bluewebn/

Blue Web'n is an "online library" of almost 2,000 (as of August 2003) evaluated "blue ribbon" web sites, organized in content areas such as science, business, mathematics, technology, vocational education, history and foreign language. The database can be searched by content area, school grade level and format (such as lessons, activities, projects, resources, reference works). Five new sites are added each week. A free weekly electronic newsletter provides descriptions of new resources as they are added. This site is made available through SBC Knowledge Network Explorer. Although based in the United States, it includes web sites from around the world.

EdNA Online (Education Network of Australia)

2003 saw the launch of a new version of the Australian EdNA service, with a number of new features. …

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