Magazine article World Health Report

List of Member States by WHO Region and Mortality Stratum

Magazine article World Health Report

List of Member States by WHO Region and Mortality Stratum

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To aid in cause of death analyses, burden of disease analyses, and comparative risk assessment, the 191 Member States of WHO have been divided into five mortality strata on the basis of their levels of child mortality under five years of age(5q0) and 15--59-year-old male mortality (45q15). The classification of Member States into the mortality strata was carried out using population estimates for 1999 (UN Population Division 1998) and estimates of 5q0 and 45q15 based on WHO analyses of mortality rates for 1999.

Quintiles of the distribution of 5q0 (both sexes combined) were used to define a very low child mortality group (1st quintile), a low child mortality group (2nd and 3rd quintiles) and a high child mortality group (4th and 5th quintiles). Adult mortality 45q15 was regressed on 5q0 and the regression line used to divide countries with high child mortality into high adult mortality (stratum D) and very high adult mortality (stratum E). Stratum E includes the countries in sub-Saharan Africa where HIV/AIDS has had a very substantial impact.

When these mortality strata are applied to the six WHO regions, they produce 14 epidemiological subregions, which are used throughout this report and in the Annex Tables to present results. The mortality strata to which WHO Member States are classified are listed below. This classification has no official status and is for analytical purposes only.

African Region

Algeria--AFR-D Angola--AFR-D Benin--AFR-D Botswana--AFR-E Burkina Faso--AFR-D Burundi--AFR-E Cameroon--AFR-D Cape Verde--AFR-D Central African Republic--AFR-E Chad--AFR-D Comoros--AFR-D Congo--AFR-E Cote d'Ivoire--AFR-E Democratic Republic of the Congo--AFR-E Equatorial Guinea--AFR-D Eritrea--AFR-E Ethiopia--AFR-E Gabon--AFR-D Gambia--AFR-D Ghana--AFR-D Guinea--AFR-D Guinea-Bissau--AFR-D Kenya--AFR-E Lesotho--AFR-E Liberia--AFR-D Madagascar--AFR-D Malawi--AFR-E Mali--AFR-D Mauritania--AFR-D Mauritius--AFR-D Mozambique--AFR-E Namibia--AFR-E Niger--AFR-D Nigeria--AFR-D Rwanda--AFR-E Sao Tome and Principe--AFR-D Senegal--AFR-D Seychelles--AFR-D Sierra Leone--AFR-D South Africa--AFR-E Swaziland--AFR-E Togo--AFR-D Uganda--AFR-E United Republic of Tanzania--AFR-E Zambia--AFR-E Zimbabwe--AFR-E

Region of the Americas

Antigua and Barbuda--AMR-B Argentina--AMR-B Bahamas--AMR-B Barbados--AMR-B Belize--AMR-B Bolivia--AMR-D Brazil--AMR-B Canada--AMR-A Chile--AMR-B Colombia--AMR-B Costa Rica--AMR-B Cuba--AMR-A Dominica--AMR-B Dominican Republic--AMR-B Ecuador--AMR-D El Salvador--AMR-B Grenada--AMR-B Guatemala--AMR-D Guyana--AMR-B Haiti--AMR-D Honduras--AMR-B Jamaica--AMR-B Mexico--AMR-B Nicaragua--AMR-D Panama--AMR-B Paraguay--AMR-B Peru--AMR-D Saint Kitts and Nevis--AMR-B Saint Lucia--AMR-B Saint Vincent and the Grenadines--AMR-B Suriname--AMR-B Trinidad and Tobago--AMR-B United States of America--AMR-A Uruguay--AMR-B Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of--AMR-B

Eastern Mediterranean Region

Afghanistan--EMR-D Bahrain--EMR-B Cyprus--EMR-B Djibouti--EMR-D Egypt--EMR-D Iran, Islamic Republic of--EMR-B Iraq--EMR-D Jordan--EMR-B Kuwait--EMR-B Lebanon--EMR-B Libyan Arab Jamahiriya--EMR-B Morocco--EMR-D Oman--EMR-B Pakistan--EMR-D Qatar--EMR-B Saudi Arabia--EMR-B Somalia--EMR-D Sudan--EMR-D Syrian Arab Republic--EMR-B Tunisia--EMR-B United Arab Emirates--EMR-B Yemen--EMR-D

Mortality strata

A. …

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