Magazine article Insight on the News

Democrats Get Dirty; Kerry Runs for Cover; Coulter Diagnoses Dean

Magazine article Insight on the News

Democrats Get Dirty; Kerry Runs for Cover; Coulter Diagnoses Dean

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* As usual in such matters, Dick Morris gets it. "The tail is taking over the dog," he says. "One-third of Americans are Democrats. One-third of Democrats are liberal activists backing Howard Dean. And now they are dictating policy to the entire party."

* Apparently some of these Democratic Party activists were schoolboy Lenins and coed Rosa Luxemburgs back in 1964 during the Filthy Speech Movement at Berkeley and never got over it. Which may be why a Howard Dean supporter at a New York fund-raiser recently announced from the podium that the president is a "piece of living, breathing s***" confirming that the "comedian" passed Revolutionary Scatology 303 but flunked Biology 101.

* Insiders have been giggling at the promotional ads for Chris Wallace's takeover of Fox News Sunday from conservative Tony Snow. As there were no cheers from conservatives to be noted, the Fox promos cited cheers for Wallace from the lefty-liberal Washington Post and the lefty-liberal New York Daily News. Now is that "fair and balanced"?

* Then there was the morning Saddam Hussein was captured when a pretentious Brit, one of the new boys on Fox, compared Saddam to Shakespeare's King Lear, with footage being repeated every few minutes until well into the day showing celebration by what turned out to be a handful of Communist Party cadre. Do you think the huge red flags with the hammer and sickle should have been a clue? Em-barrassin'!

* Yep, we too got the spam e-mail that offered copies of the private videos of Uday Hussein, with the advert emoting: "The girls! The parties! The beatings! America's hottest-selling video."

* To settle with 542 parishioners sexually molested by its priests, the Archdiocese of Boston has mortgaged the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and St. John's Seminary, sold the building from which its Resource Center operates, raided its retirement funds and sold the 28-acre estate that has housed Boston's cardinals. Imagine what Richard Cardinal Cushing would have thought of that!

* Well, maybe not. Insiders say Cushing never batted an eye when old Joe Kennedy offered the church an enormous sum for a "dispensation" to marry mistress Gloria Swanson in addition to wife Rose Fitzgerald. The cardinal, both a Kennedy family friend and a conservative said to have been an early member of the John Birch Society, just said no. …

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