Magazine article Marketing

Rooting out the Cowboys

Magazine article Marketing

Rooting out the Cowboys

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Rooting out the cowboys

Judging by some of the things we at Marketing hear, parts of the marketing services industry are more akin to the Wild West than a modern business. Deals may be done on the basis "my word is my bond" but they are actually carried out on the basis of caveat emptor.

Too many clients are getting bad service through overcharging, failure to fulfill promises (sometimes deliberately) and through sloppy work. In a few cases they are simply being defrauded. Sometimes their own employees are being offered backhanders.

We thank all those readers who have contacted us recently about bad practice within the industry -- and we welcome any further information clients, or service agency personnel wish to pass on to us (in the strictest confidence, of course). But as Drayton Bird points out, without significant reform (page 9) many industry practices will remain an open invitation to cowboys. And as everyone knows, cowboys undermine the relationship of trust that clients needs when dealing with agencies. The sooner these problems are brought out into the open the better.

A poser for the regulators

If you want to get extra bang for your advertising bucks it pays to be controversial. …

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