Magazine article Technology and Children

Food Web

Magazine article Technology and Children

Food Web

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This month's title sounds like a "Before and After" game on Wheel of Fortune. Before you tune into Pat and Vanna, this month's article is all about food. Food can be connected to all parts of your curriculum, and these links will give you and your students some Food for thought.

Where does our food supply start, and where does it end? How is it prepared and delivered to us? How do we decide what's good for us to eat? How can we become good shoppers for food? Is there enough food for all us? Will we be eating the same in the future?

From the Farm: Farms produce the majority of the food we eat so we should first look at how that happens. This Web site is formatted as a slide show with annotation below each picture. It shows the total process from cow to store. Got Milk? dairy/index.html

From the Kansas Association of Wheat Growers comes this kid-friendly site about growing wheat. There is a slide show of the process of growing wheat and pictures of farm machines and silos, Prairie Skyscrapers. The bottom of the page holds links to other online resources for educators, recipes, primary pages to color, and photos.

Presented by the CA Farm Service Agency, with kid activities and information about farming in California, this site is primary in nature. You'll find pictures to color and games to play, A link to follow, www.fs4j, will bring you to a kids' farm safety site. It all starts here: agforkids.htm.

Now for my favorite subject, chocolate! How can I work this into every lesson I teach? See the process that takes chocolate from beans to chocolate bars and Kisses on this link that's a picture-and-text tour made by Hershey's. You'll

need Real Player to watch the video tour, Have some fun and games, take a quiz, and get some cool recipes to try.

Food Safety: If you have ever watched kids eating in the cafeteria, you will want them to see this site. This is a site for kids, teens, and educators on food safety by the FDA. The page can be accessed for kids or educators.

Nutrition: This site would be good for older elementary and middle school children. …

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