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Magazine article Newsweek


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"There is very, very little margin for error."

Terrorism analyst Brian Jenkins, on why the United States canceled or delayed a string of international flights that raised suspicions

"The issue surrounding the attorney general's recusal is not one of actual conflict of interest... The issue that he was concerned about was one of appearance."

Deputy Attorney General James B. Comey Jr., on Attorney General John Ashcroft's recusing himself from an investigation into the leak of a CIA officer's identity

"The good news is that it does happen to ordinary people who work on things that happen to work out."

Tim Berners-Lee, who's credited with inventing the World Wide Web, on being knighted

"It's a cheap man's fireworks."

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Deputy Chief Jim Robertson, on the sometimes harmful local tradition in Alabama of shooting guns into the air to mark the start of the new year

"All is holding well."

McDonald's spokesman Anna Rozenich, on revenues being unaffected by the first U.S. case of mad-cow disease

"I don't think this incident will change our relations with the United States."

Iranian President Mohammed Khatami, on U.S. aid to earthquake victims in Bam

"Your stomach is turning, you're nervous, you're saying, 'Oh, my God, I'm in trouble'... I'm still sick. "

New York pilot Richard Langone, on being escorted out of restricted airspace by an armed NYPD helicopter after he got lost and flew his small plane around La Guardia Airport and the Statue of Liberty

"I think George Bush is going to win in a walk. …

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