Games over? A Split between the Federation of Gay Games and the Montreal Host Committee Leaves the 2006 Games in Jeopardy and the Ex-Host City Ready to Go It Alone

Article excerpt

Financial troubles have plagued the Gay Games for years, but never before have they led to the cancellation of an event. But now a falling-out over financial control between the Federation of Gay Games and the committee hosting the 2006 games in Montreal resulted in the federation's pulling the event from Montreal only 2 1/2 years before it was set to begin.

Immediately following the divorce--which came during a last-minute summit between the federation and the Montreal organizers in Chicago on November 9--Montreal vowed to press on with its own athletic event, Rendezvous 2006, which will coincide with the city's annual gay pride event.

The federation began looking at former bidders Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles to see if those cities might be open to hosting a pared-down version of Gay Games VII in 2006. But no matter what happens, the split will be hard on the international gay sports community, said Kathleen Webster, cochair of the federation. "There are a lot of disappointed people around the world right, now," she said. "I think this is a sad and unfortunate situation the GLBT community finds itself in. …