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Fathers Can Help

Magazine article Policy & Practice

Fathers Can Help

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For decades, the child welfare system has focused its intervention on mothers. One way to involve fathers, however, and build family responsibility for protecting children is family group decision-making (FGDM), which is being implemented in more than 150 communities across the country. But the questions remain: If it is built, will they come and will it make a difference?

Although research and evaluation of FGDM is in its infancy, a few evaluations have specifically looked at father and paternal relation involvement in creating plans for children. The findings are divided into three broad categories: implementation, process indicators, and outcome indicators. Here's what has been learned thus far:


* Initial implementation efforts require careful planning and time,

* Strategic alliances and community partnerships help support and identify shared resources and skills that contribute to the implementation of FGDM,

* FGDM can be used safely and successfully with families that have multiple and high challenges, and

* The coordinator plays a critical role in the family group conference process.

Process Indicators

* Preparation of participants is crucial to a successful conference;

* Family members come when invited, even though the conference can be stressful;

* Families can develop plans that are seen to be safe;

* Family group conference plans blend requests for formal services with family-delivered supports;

* Private family time is embraced as an essential element of the family group conference process;

* Family members perceive they have considerable voice and decision-making authority in family group conference; and

* Family group conferencing provides cost neutrality or savings. …

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