Magazine article Insight on the News

Does Bush Policy 'Border' on Insanity?

Magazine article Insight on the News

Does Bush Policy 'Border' on Insanity?

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Byline: Douglas Burton, INSIGHT

Does Bush Policy 'Border' on Insanity?

Laura Ingraham, Talk Radio Network, Washington,

When Bill Clinton says we live in an "increasingly borderless world," we're not surprised. It's the usual globaloney blather. But when a Republican president advocates a policy that will make our borders effectively meaningless, we should be outraged.

With his approval numbers high, President [George W.] Bush has made a devil's bargain with business and Hispanic groups. Elites from both parties are ignoring the view of a strong majority of Americans that we need to stop illegal immigration, not high-five it.

Michael Savage, Talk Radio Network, San Francisco,

Recently on my radio program I challenged my audience by asking whether President Bush should be impeached. My purpose is to save the Bush presidency. Mr. Bush, please hear me. Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected and Gray Davis was recalled on one single issue. That issue was granting special rights to illegal immigrants. In the case of Gray Davis, it was drivers licenses for illegals. In the case of President Bush, it is this mistaken notion of "soft amnesty" for illegals that will doom him to a one-term presidency.

One poll after another shows an opposition to Bush's proposal to offer legal status to illegal immigrants. A new ABC News poll finds 52 percent of the nation opposes an amnesty program for illegal immigrants from Mexico, while 57 percent oppose one for illegal immigrants from other countries.

Mr. Bush, please listen, we are trying to help you. We do not want a Democrat to win. But you cannot alienate millions of core conservatives and expect to beat the opposition.

Roger Hedgecock, KOGO-AM 600, San Diego,

The border remains out of control. President [Ronald] Reagan promised border control when he signed an amnesty for 3 million illegals back in 1986. The amnesty simply encouraged more illegal immigration. Now the problem is 8 [million] to 12 million. With this Bush amnesty, will the next amnesty be for 40 [million] to 50 million illegals?

Our borders with both Mexico and Canada are open to whomever has the smuggler's fee. The border must be controlled before the amnesty or the Bush amnesty will simply encourage more illegal immigration.

When Bush Zigged, O'Neill Zagged

Tom Adkins, Free Republic Internet Radio Show, Philadelphia, www. …

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