Magazine article Supervisory Management

Selling Your Ideas to Management

Magazine article Supervisory Management

Selling Your Ideas to Management

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Do you have difficulty selling your proposals to other people in your organization? If so, perhaps you aren't putting your proposal in a form that demonstrates it was carefully evaluated and developed.

Your Own Evaluation

Before sharing your proposals with others, you should evaluate its merits on your own. First, it should be effective. You can determine this by identifying the problem you want to solve and listing your proposal's short- and long-term advantages. How, for example, will your proposal contribute to profits? Workflow? Quality? At the same time, consider the proposal's weaknesses and whether these can be eliminated.

Next, you need to consider whether your proposal will be feasible. Is it compatible with existing policies, procedures, and objectives? Identify what the proposal will mean in terms of resources, training, costs, and time.

Finally, you should decide how acceptable your proposal will be.

Don't Be Threatening

Resistance to change is a major obstacle to any proposal, particularly when new proposals are perceived as a threat to someone's security or status. People are often fearful of anything that threatens to change the comfortable status quo, or anything that calls for mastery of new skills. Some people may react negatively to proposals that they feel might call their performance into question. And some people will reject the proposal for no other reason than that they didn't develop it.

Make a list of everyone who might conceivably feel threatened by your proposal, why each person might be threatened, and how you could not only counter that threat but identify ways that the proposal will be beneficial to others.

Presenting the Proposal

During the actual presentation of your idea, first provide a general description and then offer a detailed explanation. …

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