Tatchell: "I'm Only Assisting the ZFM"

Article excerpt

Contrary to your suggestion (NA, Jan), the new Zimbabwe Freedom Movement is not "driven by outside forces". I have no involvement in it. I merely helped communicate its message to the outside world.

If the ZFM leaders had held their news conference in Zimbabwe, they would have been arrested and probably killed. That is why they asked me to organise a press launch in London. For the same reason, the ZFM website (www.zfm.cc) is based in the UK. A ZFM website in Zimbabwe would be immediately closed down. I am assisting the ZFM, not directing it.

The ZFM's bid to overthrow President Mugabe is not motivated by opposition to his seizure of white farms. Both the ZFM and I support land reform. The ZFM is a response to the destruction of democracy and human rights in Zimbabwe. Peaceful, democratic change is no longer possible.

Mugabe rigs elections, suppresses protests, bans newspapers, crushes trade unions, and jails political opponents. He is P.W. Botha with a black face, only much worse. Mugabe has already killed more black Africans than apartheid ever did, with 20,000 massacred in Matabeleland alone during the 1980s. …