Magazine article The New American

The Redefined WMD Threat

Magazine article The New American

The Redefined WMD Threat

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Prior to going to war against Iraq, President Bush and other administration officials charged not only that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction but that the threat was immense.

"In one place--in one regime--we find all these dangers, in their most lethal and aggressive forms, exactly the kind of aggressive threat the United Nations was born to confront."

--President George W. Bush address to the UN General Assembly, September 12, 2002

"Saddam Hussein and his weapons are a direct threat to this country, to our people, and to all free people.... I will not leave the American people at the mercy of the Iraqi dictator and his weapons."

--President George W. Bush press conference, March 6, 2003

"Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised."

--President George W. Bush address to the nation, March 17, 2003

"The goals of our coalition are clear and limited. We will end a brutal regime, whose aggression and weapons of mass destruction make it a unique threat to the world."

--President George W. Bush message to the Iraqi people, April 10, 2003

When the weapons were not found, Bush began to refer to WMD programs as opposed to actual stockpiles of WMDs, without actually acknowledging a retreat from the administration's previous position. He even went so far as to claim that there was no difference between programs to develop WMDs and actual WMDs.

Question: "Is U. …

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