Magazine article World Watch

Friends of Worldwatch

Magazine article World Watch

Friends of Worldwatch

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We offer our sincerest thanks to the following donors of $100 or more. Their generosity supports our search for a more sustainable World.--John Holman, Director of Development


Ecofish; Green Circle Organics; Morning Star; Restaurant Nora; Mr. & Mrs. Arent Schuyler; University of California, Santa Barbara


Mr. & Mrs. Myron Arms; William S. Hay and Jacqueline A. Hay Family Trust; Ann Claudia Kohler; Hal Segelstad; Paul Myers and Welthy Soni; Howard Taylor; Rosemary, Wakeham; Percy M. Watters


Adam and Rachel Albright; Tom and Cathy Crain; John and Laurie McBride; Wren and Tim Wirth


Jason Bowman; Gilbert Butler; Mr. & Mrs. James Dehlsen; Caroline Gabel; Pamela and Thomas Green; Daniel R. Katz and Maggie Lear; Dr. & Mrs. William Layson; Bill Rogers; Vicki and Roger Sant; Nell Johnson Stone; William Laney Thornton; Douglas Wilson; Jim Woodfin


Grant Abert and Nancy Ward; Geeta B. Aiyer; Ray C. Anderson; Mr. & Mrs. Myron Arms; Dr. Doug Ayers; Douglas and Debra Baker; John Bermingham; Michael and Ruth Berry; Mr. & Mrs. David Blittersdorf; Blake Cady; John M. Cart, Sr.; Dwight E. Collins, PhD; Oystein Dahle; Lincoln and Alice Day; Stanley and Anita Eisenberg; Ty W. Fitzmorris; Sean and Rebecca Flavin; David Forsberg; Alan French; Thomas L. Griffis; Juliane Heyman; Jerre and Nancy Hitz; John Hogan; Grace M. Holden; Sudhanshu and Lori Jain; Philip Kurjan; Monika Lesch; Kurt Leuthold; Peter Matthiessen; George A. Miller; James Moore; Paul Myers and Welthy Soni; Mr. & Mrs. Patti Newhagen; John Osberg; Bob Pettapiece, EdD; Bonnie Phillips; William and Eleanor Revelle; Andrew E. Rice; Anthony and Florence Rodale; Karen A. Rosmarin; Peter Seidel; Robert Shaw, Jr.; Frank and Grace Sinden; Charles and Diane Smith; Curt Snyder, MD; Albert H. Staton, Jr.; Hope and Bob Stevens; Dr. & Mrs. Jim Strand; Marian Stuart, PhD; Greg Studen; John E. and Anna Marie Thron; James Ulvestad, PhD; Izaak van Melle; Linda Wagner; Rosemary Wakeham; Randall and Jackie Wallace; Christopher Watson; Dr. Jean Ahmed Zigby


Dr. Ernst Abelin; Charles M. Anderson; William and Carol Beale; Bob and Kenlyn Blecker; Judd and Mary Ann Brown; Lillian Corley; Jan Crunican; Annie C. Davis; Dr. & Mrs. Strachan Donnelly; David Douglas; Eldon Enger; Karan English and Rob Elliott; Dr. Lynn Epstein; Kent Healy; John Hirschi; Bruce Hodge and Elizabeth Weal; Constance Hoguet Neel; Mr. & Mrs. G. David Hurd; Dennis Johnson; Robert and Kelly Jones; Kikuo Kumazowa; Marta Jo Lawrence; Jo Luck; Tim Meyer; Daniel Moros, MD; John Newlin and Patricia Carton; Joel T. Nigg; Dr. H.P. Nooteboom; William Obear and Family; Jim and Cagol Pienovi; Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Roberts; Larry Rockefeller and Wendy Gordon; Kevin J. Scarr; Wolfgang Scherr and Carina Allen; Bronwyn and Brian Scott; Andrew D. Shaw; Mr. & Mrs. William Shore; Stephen Smaha; Brian Spirt; Mr. & Mrs. K. Martin Stevenson; Janet and Michael Stradley; William and Grace Strickhouser; David W. Swetland; Thomas Tuxill; MD; Mark Williams


Cynthia Abbott; Emerson H. Abts; Dr. Ellik Adler; Katsuya Aiuchi; Charles Alexander; Phillip and June Allen; Lorne Almack; Joan, Amory; Peter Anderson; Catherine Andrews; Susanne Antisdel; Dr. Kenneth Armitage; James and Louise Arnold; Dr. Albino Arosos; Lynn Augstein; Susan Bagby; Clyde Bailey; Mr. & Mrs. William Ball; Laird H. Barber, PhD; George Bartholomew; Mr. & Mrs. H. Hudson Barton; Bill and Becky Bartovics; Robert and Blanche Bast; Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bateman, Richard Bates; Lousie Baxter; Linda Bergstrom; Johan Bertrands; Beth Binns and Jeff Schoellkopf; Ann Bissell; Rev. Karen Blatt; William Blitzer; Peter Boice; W. Bokovoy; Minx Boren; Marion R. Bottorff; Nancy Brach; Wanda Brandstetter; Walter Branson; Thomas Breckenridge; Judy Bredeweg; John Bricker, Jr. …

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