Molecular Design Limited and Chemical Abstracts Service Announce Cooperative Agreement

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Molecular Design Limited and Chemical Abstracts Service Announce Cooperative Agreement

Molecular Design Limited and Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) have announced a cooperative agreement that will significantly advance the access to, integration of, and communication of scientific information.

Under the Molecular Design Limited and CAS agreement, scientists will be able to use a single system - ISIS, the new Integrated Scientific Information System from Molecular Design Limited - to access, review, store, and communicate scientific data. ISIS will offer broad access to public databases through STN International as well as in-house databases to give scientists chemical structures, related text, and analytical and test data contained in relational database systems.

"The past ten years have seen steady improvements in our ability to place scientific information in the scientist's hands economically and efficiently. This agreement is a leap forward. It increases not only the pool of available information but also the usability of that information," explained Jim Seals, director of marketing and corporate development for CAS. "By combining the richness of STN data with the chemical-information-management expertise of Molecular Design Limited, we can give scientists unparalleled access to the wealth of personal, corporate, and public data stored in multiple organizations and locations."

According to Steven Goldby, president and CEO of Molecular Design Limited, "This agreement marks an important phase in the efforts by Molecular Design Limited to provide integrated information systems to our users. A year ago, the technology required to bring together data from several sources did not exist. With ISIS, we can now give scientists an easily accessible, coherent view of all their scientific information, whether the source is in-house or online, in the same building, or on another continent. The full potential of this powerful system is realized through our agreement with CAS. With access to STN data, we will give scientists a single window to all of their chemical information needs. …


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