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Memos Might Reveal Profit Motive in Senate

Magazine article Insight on the News

Memos Might Reveal Profit Motive in Senate

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Byline: Paul M. Weyrich, SPECIAL TO INSIGHT

A hot topic of recent political news is the so-called "Memogate." If you have followed such things then you know that some memos from the files of Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee made their way into the hands of the media. Thereafter, committee chairman Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) expressed outrage that such a thing would happen on his watch. And somewhat later, Manny Miranda, who worked for Hatch and more recently has handled judicial nominations for Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.), resigned. But not before he wrote a tough letter to the Senate Ethics Committee suggesting that the memos which have not yet been seen indicate possibly unlawful activities on the part of senators.

A number of conservative groups also have asked that the Justice Department investigate the matter. And Miranda, in an interview with CNS News, has charged that the "profit motive" is driving the Senate Judiciary Committee battles where key Bush administration appointments have been filibustered by liberal Democrats.

"What would be truly shocking to the American people is the profit motive that is involved," Miranda said. "It isn't just about abortion 'rights,' the battle is about abortion profits. The axis of profits that undergirds the fight in the Judiciary Committee is the axis between trial lawyers who want particular types of judges who rule in particular ways on their cases and not the abortion-rights lobby but the abortion-clinics lobby. The abortion-rights lobby is just a front for something worse, which is the abortion-clinics lobby, represented by the National Abortion Federation."

Miranda told CNS News that on average abortion clinics make $1,000 for every abortion they perform. "That's where the money is. That's what is really happening here," Miranda said. He went on to say that "the abortion-clinics lobby is an industry as large as any industry that lobbies in Washington and, when combined with the single-mindedness of trial lawyers in trying to obtain a particular kind of judge, the enormity of the money that is behind the Democratic push is astounding and shocking. When you combine it then with the interests of the labor movement, then you start seeing that the effort to control the judiciary is really an enormous and well-orchestrated profit-making business."

Okay. Miranda also has said that among the memos not yet made public is an indication of potential criminal activity. …

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