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Byline: Nicki Gostin

Q&A: Angelina Jolie

She's a single mom to her toddler, Maddox, she tours the world as a U.N. rep and she's just shot a new movie, yet Angelina Jolie found time to talk with NEWSWEEK's Nicki Gostin.

In "Taking Lives" you play an FBI profiler. You get cast a lot as a strong woman. Are you really a good actress or just a tough broad?

I've got stronger now that I've got a kid. I know what I'd kill for.

How many kids do you want to adopt?

My dream is to have one from every country, every different religion, every background, every different culture--well, not every different culture, but many different ones so I can put them together and watch them share.

You've talked about having close friends that you sleep with. What's the vetting process?

Vetting process?

Yeah, there are some guys in my office who want to become your close friend really badly.

I don't have a lot of those friends. It may sound very provocative, but the reality is that, since my focus is to just be a parent, everything else about being a woman is separated. I can have fun with it as long as I don't take it home. I've never dated. I've been married twice, so it's my time to be open and have fun.

More power to you. How would you suggest ordinary folks go about doing this?

You have to have a lot of discussions beforehand, so nobody gets hurt and there is not a secret wish for more. You have to be extremely honest in any relationship.

How much do you do around the house? Do you cook?

I'm a working mother. I don't pretend to do everything. I'm not the best person in the kitchen. A lot of sandwiches, cereals, salads. But I'll learn how to do the proper Sunday roast now that I'm living in England.

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