Survey Shows Patient Satisfaction with Hospital Alcohol/drug Treatment

Article excerpt

Preliminary results of a major outcome study by the National Association of Private Psychiatric Hospitals (NAPPH) reveal a "high level of satisfaction" among patients with a wide range of services provided for their alcohol or drug-related disorders. Nearly three-quarters of the patients agreed that they would return to the hospital for care if needed, and 83% would recommend the hospital to others in need of care, according to the study.

The special analysis of patient satisfaction by chemical dependency diagnoses addressed the experiences of 321 drug and alcohol patients who completed written questionnaires assessing their degree of satisfaction or perceived improvement in a total of 35 areas.

Nearly 30% of the sample were adolescents, and only patients with primary or secondary DSM-III diagnoses related to alcohol or drug abuse were included in the sample. The sample was drawn from the patients of NAPPH member hospitals, which total 325.

More than half of the respondents reported their ability to function independently improved following treatment; 33% indicated this outcome better than expected; 23%, considerably better; and 30% as good as expected. OF 263 patients who had either been in school or in a job prior to being hospitalized, 33% said their ability to return to school or work just as expected, 24% better than expected, and 28% considerably better. …


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