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Byline: Devin Gordon


On TV's "24," she plays the perpetually imperiled Kim Bauer. On April 9, she stars in the teen comedy "The Girl Next Door" as a sweetheart with a not-so-sweet secret. Elisha Cuthbert spilled the beans to NEWSWEEK's Devin Gordon.

In the film, your character is a porn star, but she's also a sweet, regular-girl type. Did one come more naturally to you than the other?

Actually, the porn-star stuff was easier, because I didn't have to do any actual porn. I just put on the wardrobe, and I was in character.

Can I make one small criticism? The movie's just a wee bit like "Risky Business."

Yeah, I guess. Porn star versus call girl--that's a little different. I think we need more comedies like the ones from back in the 1980s.

In your objective opinion, who looks better in their underwear--you or Tom Cruise?

Hmm, well, mine was a thong, so... [Laughs ] It's a tricky call, but Tom Cruise did look pretty damn good.

Whenever I read a story about an actress who plays the hot girl in a movie, she always lies and says she was really awkward in high school. You're not gonna try to pull that one, are you?

No! [Laughs ] No, I was not awkward. Not at all. I was very outgoing.

Your candor is appreciated.

My pleasure.

In one day, your character on "24" got attacked by a murderer, survived a car crash, got hunted by a cougar, trapped in a fallout shelter and held hostage during a rest-stop holdup. Do you ever get the feeling that the writers just don't like you?

[Laughs ] I would read the scripts and think, "How am I gonna make this believable?" But hey, they could've just killed me off.

Is Kiefer Sutherland the boss around the set?

Yeah, I would say so.

Has he ever gotten his way by saying, "Hey, I don't remember seeing you in the Brat Pack"? …

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