Magazine article Insight on the News

Can Female Listeners Tame Shock Jocks?

Magazine article Insight on the News

Can Female Listeners Tame Shock Jocks?

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Byline: Helen Lee, INSIGHT

Can Female Listeners Tame Shock Jocks?

Shmuley Boteach, Liberty Broadcasting, Newark, N.J.,

What should we do about all the vulgar male radio hosts who are currently being fined? Give 'em more women listeners! Studies show that men behave differently around women. Go to a British soccer game and you run the risk of being trampled to death by the usual army of drunken armpit sniffers and crotch scratchers. And why are they such embarrassing brutes? Search the stands the next time you watch British football on TV and you will scarcely ever find a woman (assuming you can stay awake for the predictable nil-nil final score, international soccer being the one exception to the rule that men are goal-oriented). American football fans are slightly better, and your only real risk in attending, say, a [New York] Jets game is having your eardrums burst by earthquakelike burps from bare-chested brutes on a Heineken drip.

Where are male fans the best behaved? At basketball games, because they attract the largest percentage of female fans. Men are simply more civilized around women. Flatulence jokes are common among men who can think of nothing funnier than passing gas around each other and guessing "whoever smelt it dealt it." But when's the last time a man walked over to an attractive woman at a bar and asked her to "pull my finger"? And the proverbial husband who nightly visits Websites like "Stephanie and Her Stallion" is far less likely to be salivating over porn if his wife is in the room especially if she is carrying a shotgun.

You May Act Providing You Don't

Alan Nathan, Radio America Network, Washington, Program2003/battleline.htm

Shortly after the Israeli forces eliminated Hamas leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the European Union foreign ministers announced their reaction. They stated that while Hamas is a terrorist group responsible for thousands of innocent deaths, and that Israel has the right to defend itself against such attacks, it was still wrong to have killed Yassin.

Wouldn't you love one of these guys in your corner at a boxing match: "Now listen, champ, I want you to DUCK this bum without mercy." Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and others characterized it as the assassination of a spiritual leader that was "regrettable and cowardly." Apparently, these officials believe that if someone attains a leadership title before targeting innocent boys and girls for murder with bombs, his life has become more valuable than those of the children he has murdered. It doesn't.

Under God or Under Godless? …

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